How Sharky’s Rewards work

  • Every pre-tax $1 you spend = 1 point
  • 100 Points = $7 in Sharky’s Bucks
  • We automatically convert your points into rewards for you – 100 points are deducted from your card & $7 in Sharky’s Bucks are added directly to your card
  • Sharky’s Bucks Rewards earned are valid for 90 days (so don’t wait too long to come back & see us).

FinAddict FAQs

Will my Fin-Addict rewards expire if I don’t use them right away?

Sharky’s Bucks expire 90 daysfrom the time they are issued to you so you will need to redeem them during that period.

Your Birthday reward will be valid during your birth month.

Other rewards may have different expiration dates which will be noted when the offer is made.

Can I use my rewards card at all Sharky’s restaurants?

Fin-Addict Rewards cards are valid only at participating locations. Please check with the restaurant you plan on visiting to determine if they are offering the program.

After I register, what do you do with my information?

We use this information to send you special offers and promotions that we think will be of interest to you. We also use it to send updates on changes to the program and to keep you apprised of your account activity. Your phone number is necessary to look up your account in case you leave your card at home or if it’s lost or stolen. Please note that we will never share your information with a third party, except when necessary for specific services such as a sweepstakes entry.

I received a virtual card online, how do I get a physical card?

To receive a physical rewards card, and start earning rewards, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Bring your virtual card number (the one you received via email) to a participating Sharky’s Wood fired Mexican Grill and give it to your cashier at the time of payment.
  2. The staff member will activate a card for you.

If you registered online and do not remember your virtual number, please log-in to your rewards account to get your number and registration code.

Where can I find my card number and registration code?

Both can be found on the back of your Fin-Addict Rewards Card. The card number is the 16-digit number and the registration code is the 6-digit number.

What do I need to register my card?

When you register your card, you will be asked to provide the card number and registration code from the back of the card and your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Who should I contact if I have problems with my card?

You may contact us here or call us at 805-496-8489

Do I earn Fin-Addicts rewards for buying a Gift Card?

No,purchases of gift cards do not count towards your Fin-Addict spend. Please note: the recipient of your gift card will earn Fin-Addict rewards when they use their gift card to make a purchase.

How do I know how many Sharky’s Bucks I have earned?

You may go online to When you get to the Rewards Page, select Login, and enter your username and password. Once you have logged in, you can check your account balance by selecting the “Account Balance” link. You can also review your account history by selecting the “Transaction History” link. You may also ask a Team Member in the restaurant to check your balance for you.

I had a special reward on my card and it disappeared before I could use it. What happened?

We’re sorry you didn’t get to enjoy your reward. Some of our rewards are offered for a limited time only and expire after the period ends. Please note that we specify the expiration guidelines at the time rewards are made so please check the offer details when you receive notice of a special reward.

What are the Fin-Addict Rewards and how do I earn them?

Every time you make a purchase, your pre-tax dollars* are converted to points. One dollar = one point. We automatically convert your points into Sharky’s bucks each time you reach 100 points (100 points = $7 in Sharky’s Bucks). Your Sharky’s Bucks will be stored on your card for you to redeem within 90 days toward any future purchase at participating Sharky’s Wood fired Mexican Grill locations.

During your birthday month, you will also receive a $5 reward to use on anything you like.

You also learn about special promotions first! We like to reward our Fin-Addicts with exclusive offers, sweepstakes for special rewards and even double points from time to time. You never know what perk might be next as a valued Sharky’s Fin-Addict.

*Note: Dollars spent on purchases of gift cards and non-food items such as taxes are not earned towards Fin-Addict rewards.

What happens if I lose my card?

If you have lost your card you can get a replacement card during your next visit to a participating Sharky’s Wood fired Mexican Grill.

If you would like a replacement card, you can ask your cashier to issue you a new card. You will be given a new card and any account balances such as spend or Fin-Addict rewards earned may be transferred to your new card. It is important to note that you can only replace a lost card that has been registered.

Can I use my Sharky’s Bucks with other discounts and offers?

You can only use one reward, discount or offer per visit (so Sharky’s Bucks cannot be combined with other discounts or offers).

Is there anything I don’t earn Fin-Addicts rewards dollars for?

Dollars spent on purchases of gift cards and non-food items such as taxes are not earned towards Fin-Addicts rewards. However, purchases made with gift cards do count towards Fin-Addict rewards.

Does it cost anything to become a member?

No, there is no charge for becoming a member of the Fin-Addict rewards program.

Who can become a Rewards Program member?

Membership is limited to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older when they enroll in the Rewards Program. Only one account is allowed per person or Member, and a maximum of four (4) accounts are allowed per household. One membership is allowed per email address.

What happens if I don’t have my card when I visit?

After you have registered your card, you can easily check-in by providing your cashier with the phone number you used to register and they will be able to look up your account.


It looks like a 100 points were deducted from my card-why is that?

Don’t worry—your points have not been lost. We automatically convert your points into Sharky’s Bucks each time you reach 100 points (100 points = $7 in Sharky’s Bucks). Your Sharky’s Bucks will be stored on your card for you to redeem toward any future purchase at participating Sharky’s locations.

Why do I have to register my card?

Registration is required to:

  1. Redeem rewards;
  2. Track your account activity, such as your dollar accrual and redemptions;
  3. Allow us to transfer your rewards to a new card if your card is lost or stolen;
  4. Help the server look up your account with your registered phone number in case you forgot your card when you visit;
  5. And, allows you to opt-in to receive special offers and promotions by email.

How do I become a Fin-Addict Rewards Program member?

You can pick up a Fin-Addict rewards card at any Sharky’s Wood fired Mexican Grill® restaurant and register your card online  here. Find a Sharky’s location near you here.


You may also enroll in the Fin-Addict Rewards Program by completing the Enrollment form here. If you don’t have a card, complete the registration form and we will send you a temporary membership number via email. The next time you visit a Sharky’s Wood fired Mexican Grill restaurant, bring the email with you and a server will activate and program a card for you. Start swiping and earning rewards on your next visit!

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