Feel good About Eating


We believe what’s inside is what counts and follow that with our food too. It begins with our commitment to sourcing the best ingredients. We seek out organic, natural and local ingredients that meet our standards. We make everything fresh to order and are committed to serving tastier, healthier options. We’re proud of our ingredients and the food we serve. So, read a little more about them below.

All Natural Chicken

All Natural Chicken Breast

No added preservatives, hormones or phosphates

All Natural Grass-Fed Steak

100% grass-fed, 100% free range, no antibiotics or added growth hormones ever


Wild Caught Fish

We offer wild caught fish – check your restaurant for selections

GMO-Free Corn

We use GMO-Free organic corn in our corn tortillas & chips

Organic Tofu

Organic Tofu

Non-GMO Project verified & US Grown

Non-GMO Rice & Beans

Organic Beans & Non-GMO Rice

Organic black & pinto beans. Non-GMO whole grain brown rice & long grain white rice

Local Organic Salad Greens

Local Organic Salad Greens

We use organic Baby Greens, organic Baby Spinach, organic Baby Kale, & organic Romaine

RBGH- Free Cheese & Sour Cream

Some farms use rBGH for increasing milk production in dairy cows, but we choose to buy rBGH-Free

Get Fired Up About Cooking

We began experimenting with variations on traditional Mexican classics with our cooking styles and recipes. You can call it fate, but we call it the perfect combination of elements that came together. Our high quality ingredients, stone fired ovens and grilling over mesquite give our unique dishes delicious flavor.

Stone Fire Ovens